Rainy Season Full Effect!

Rainy season is here and in full effect, make sure your gutters are properly cleaned as this can be a result of many leaks. Also tree maintenance is very important as overgrown tree growth is not only a danger in our violent summer storm the constant dragging and scraping can damage roof surface and cause leaks and abnormal wear and tear of your roof.

Roof maintenance is a very inexpensive way to protect your home and belongings against future costly and damaging issues. Contact us today for your free evaluation. 

Spring is right around the corner!

Spring is right round the corner and anybody that has lived in Florida for a while knows that means strong thunderstorms and heavy downpours of rain.

Now is the best time to get roofing work done because it is typically the slow season and you can save hundreds of dollars and the work is completed very quickly and is not usually hindered by rain and over booking which we face during summer.

We have alot of discounts and promotions going on at this time to fit your budgets. Contact us to hear more and to get your free estimate.

Summer Is Here

And with summer comes the torrential rains. Rains that will find any weak spots to your roofing system and can cause extensive damage and mold issues. Contact us about out Pre Leak maintenance Programs. This can help avoid most costly repairs in advance and damage from areas that are untreated. Our maintenance include but not limited to the following:

Complete Review of roofing system to ascertain any problem areas

Complete cleaning of all debris from Roof and Gutter

Sealing of any exposed or raised nails

sealing of any exposed membrane (tile roofs)

Trim back any trees

Free Roof Certification Letter for Insurance purposes

10% discount on any areas found to need repairing within 6 months after maintenance.

Call us today and receive you Free evaluation for Annual or Semi-annual maintainance  plans. Most costly repairs and interior damage can be avoided by simply maintainance your roof system. Ask us for our Flyer for your roof type.