Spring Cleaning!

It is usually this time of year when we start decluttering and cleaning up our homes. A new Roof is recommended during this time as well. It is during a slower time for roofing companies so discounts are available and before our severe Storm and rainy season.

Tree branches are also a huge problem sometimes we receommned having all branches that extend over your roof trimmned back to prevent falling.

If you have replaced you Roof recently we always recommend taking this time to maintenance your roof to keep debris off the roof and out of the valleys. Tree Debris that sit on roof can cause nails to rust out and cause potential leak problems.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

Before signing a roofing contract to replace or repair your roof, ask potential contractors for this information.
Is your roof leaking? Are the shingles falling off? It might be time to get a new roof. But hiring a roofer shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, they’ll be climbing a ladder to tear apart your shelter.

Highly rated roofing experts recommend asking the following questions to ensure you’re dealing with a scrupulous roofing contractor.


1. Do you have a local company office?
Advises against using a roofing company that works out of a truck. “There’s no guarantee you can find them if there’s a problem,” she says. “Having a place of business establishes that they are professional.” Check a roofer’s license plate to ensure they’re local before hiring.

2. Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
Recommend finding a company that is licensed, bonded and adequately insured to protect your investment. Licensing proves the company has the technical know-how to do your roofing job, insurance protects the homeowner from damage that may occur or injuries to workers, and the bond protects the consumer’s financial investment.

“Ask them to provide a copy of their state roofing license (if required in your area) and insurance certificate,”  You can also use the Angie’s List License Check tool to verify licensing or call the roofer’s insurance company to make sure they have coverage.”Get quotes from up to 3 pros!

3. Do you provide a roofing warranty?
Without a warranty, you’re left in the cold if your roof goes bad.
Be sure to ask your roofing contractor about a warranty and read your contract closely to be sure the agreed-upon warranty is included.

4. Can you provide homeowner references?
Ask for a list of references before allowing anyone in or on your home. Read Angie’s List reviews and follow through with the references to make sure their customers are happy with the job they received. Ask their customers if they encountered any problems.

5. Do you provide written estimates?
The written roofing proposal should be detailed “You want specifications, including the approximate start  date and payment procedures, Read through the proposal and ask questions if there’s anything you don’t understand.

(Courtesy Of Angie’s List )

Summer Is Here

And with summer comes the torrential rains. Rains that will find any weak spots to your roofing system and can cause extensive damage and mold issues. Contact us about out Pre Leak maintenance Programs. This can help avoid most costly repairs in advance and damage from areas that are untreated. Our maintenance include but not limited to the following:

Complete Review of roofing system to ascertain any problem areas

Complete cleaning of all debris from Roof and Gutter

Sealing of any exposed or raised nails

sealing of any exposed membrane (tile roofs)

Trim back any trees

Free Roof Certification Letter for Insurance purposes

10% discount on any areas found to need repairing within 6 months after maintenance.

Call us today and receive you Free evaluation for Annual or Semi-annual maintainance  plans. Most costly repairs and interior damage can be avoided by simply maintainance your roof system. Ask us for our Flyer for your roof type.