Thomas Arthur

How did it go?  What words could describe it?  Fantastic, Wonderfully, Professionally, Successfully, and Timely.  First, the Office Manager has contacted us no less than 10 times starting from the very first phone call, to the end submitting the statement marked paid.  She communicates, communicates, communicates.  Photographs are a very large part of this businesses, business model.  We we were provided a number of photos showing the damage that arrived with the bid for repairs.  At the conclusion of the repairs, we were provided a series of photographs that showed each step of the repairs.  These are detailed photos, clearly showing what was accomplished to complete the repairs.  Duramax gives a two year warranty covering the workmanship.  Our neighbor that monitored this work, was so impressed with the professionalism of this company, they will now have Duramax put on a complete new roof on their home.  Our very belief is this is a very honest and reputable company, that communicates better than any company we have ever encountered.  They took fear and panic out of a repair we knew almost nothing about, and while we were out of town.  We are recommending Donna and Bill with the very greatest possible enthusiasm.

Description of work:

Roof showed leak with 6 inch rain with drywall falling on floor.  We were not there, and a neighbor reported the damage to us by phone.  Panic as how to proceed as we have had no experience with tile roofs.  Read reviews on Angie’s list, and called Duramax.  Wow!  There the next day to inspect problem and give estimate.  Neighbor asked to size up individual gave glowing report.  Pictures of needed repairs arrived in two hours.  The owner called almost immediately after the pictures arrived, and we discussed what was needed based on the pictures.  No charge for all of that so far.  Bid price was more than fair.   That very day, we were put on schedule for repair.


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